Stumbled across this picture I took in the summer of 2008;

& it’s really brightening my day.

Happy Thursday everyone xo




So Love magazine has released their IPad version of February’s issue, and is not yet on the stands, but already the amazing pictures that grace both the cover and inside of the magazine are everywhere i turn, and, if i’m honest, i’m really not complaining.

These stunning shots by Mert & Marcus are of Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Chloe Moretz, each inside a bath, butt naked. The colours are outstanding, and the girls presence is beautiful.

Chloë_Moretz_Love_Magazine_9_01 Kate-Moss-Love-magazine-Spring-2013-bath-cover tumblr_mh5atvutts1rz81dyo1_1280

I’m gonna have to go and say that Cara has won this one for me – those eyebrows are on another level and I genuinely can’t stop staring into her eyes… too far? Either way, it’s safe to say come Feb 4th I will be at my local newsagent filled with over excitement.