PHOTOSHOOT – Kate Thomas

So i’ve decided to give you all an insight into how a photo shoot normally goes, images before they’re edited and images that i havn’t published anywhere else as of yet…

I intend to do this with every photoshoot from here on, so stay tuned for some interesting looks into some of my most exciting shoots!

I’ll start with one of my favourite shoots over the past year, and the shoot which seemed to get the most positive feedback..the beautiful Kate Thomas! It would take forever to show you every single image so i’ll just start by showing my favourite final photograph.

So we turned up on location, dived into Kate’s amazing suitcase of dreams and started styling, hair and make-up. As soon as Kate was ready, we began shooting! I piled clothes upon clothes upon accessories upon clothes until i created this dramatic and high textured style.

Here’s some unedited on-shoot images which later became the beautiful photograph which Vogue Italia published on one of their pages.

I wanted the outcome to be of a dramatic nature, with the model completely holding her own and being in control over the photograph. I LOVE IT.