d i o r c o u t u r e


Dior Couture by Patrick Dermarchelier.

Not really sure what to say…. as my favourite photographer, he never fails to amaze me, but he’s really excelled himself here.

AAAHH!! Literally screaming in my head. The lighting down the dress, the definition of the creases and overall composition is what really makes this image a success, without even mentioning how incredible the dress is.

Well done Pat, very impressed.

Spring wardrobe

Spring is here – therefore, a new wardrobe is needed. ALAS, I  NEED THESE DRESSES. not want. need. the material is so amazing with the pattern i almost broke down into tears (not even joking).

This whole outfit is stunning. Ive been wanting boots like these for a while now, and this image has just pushed the need over the edge! Not normally a huge polka dot fan but mixed with everything else, im pretty sure i wouldnt mind wearing it. Talking like i’m gonna buy this …. my bankstatement thinks otherwise.

Dark flowing materials – new favourite.

Embellished jackets – always a must

Isit weird that i actually like this bunny ear monstrosity?


Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel have hopped on the fashion gif bandwagon, and of course, the results are amazing.

The gifs are up on Vogue Italia’s website as a preview for the magazine’s March spring fashion issue, called “Haute Mess,” featuring CoCo Rocha and Abbey Lee Kershaw. I don’t normally like these kind of photographs, they remind me of Ann from ANTM’s Vogue Italia photos, which i can safely say are gross, but these gif’s are so mesmerising i’ve fallen in love with them!!!