Same Old…

So I’ve had the best time viewing all of the gowns from the Oscars, partly gushing over the designs and colours, but mostly sighing because it’s just the same thing over and over again..

Anne Hathaway just looks awful (no, i’m not the biggest Hathaway fan), and Lawrence looks incredible. Kristin Stewart looks awkward as hell, and Jennifer Aniston looks.. okay (as much as i was pleased to finally see some colour!)

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So I was very happy to finally see some, not necessarily beautiful dresses, but just a little bit daring..

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Maria Menounos shocking fuchsia dress is a tad tacky, but i applaud her for sticking to her personal style and adding a little colour to the red carpet!


Robin Roberts stuns in a skimpy, blinding blue gown, with a very exciting slit up the front, which I personally find a little tacky and unnecessary, but overall she looks beautiful.


Brandi Glanville…. Brandi Brandi Brandi…… why!? I just don’t see how you would feel the need to show SO much skin.. I mean the overall design is stunning, the colour, the fit, but why can’t the plunge line just be a little higher? Congrats on the guts to pull this off but it’s not really doing it for me.

Find below some more of my favourites from the Oscars.

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(All pictures Daily Mail, GIFS