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So, I’m kind of obsessed with anything neon at the moment.. so here are a few of my favourite looks from the  past seasons, and my inspiration for Spring!

Here’s me in my newest purchase, a lime skirt from BooHoo.Com..



2de65b0894a023e163870233f1c54984 2e591f5e5b905f82408c17b3998ece2f 5ad6624907166d52eb012f73b75866e5 7fd6cb7431929aff4913205de6093146 46fdbf6fc1c0a5bb5f9121f269d6ddcb 5780d2509ea030931c2b7a124bebac63 a516d053abcee7894d4b5b1a40fe3986 d52e260990ef4e076203477a87079da3 d8783cd4db51ed048192c0a2d4fda3f5


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