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Coachella 2012

I’ve been so jealous looking at all of this year’s Coachella photographs published on blogs and other websites, but I don’t know whether I’m in a strange mood today or if it is just generally horrific, but why is it that celebrities feel the need to ‘hippy-fy’ their clothes when they attend? And by doing so, resulting in looking like an absolute idiot.

Cringing hell at Paris bloody Hilton. Yes, she’s kept her awful extensions, but come on!!! What’s the need in wearing something you’d NEVER normally wear, all for the sake of a boho-esque festival. I’m not saying i don’t necessarily like her outfit – i’m just cringing hard at her overall look in these particular images. Sorry Pazza.

I’m really undecided on Katy pezza’s outfit – really, what’s the point in wearing a dress if you can hardly see it anyway with those god awful underwear glistening through. I love love love her hair and sunny g’s but i don’t think i’m sold overall.

However, luckily there were some fitties and outfits that i would literally kill someone for.

*F A V O U R I T E*

RIHANNA — no words.

Katy Pez having a cheeky crowd surf




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