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r e m i n i s c e

So ive recently come across some absolute classic photos of me when i was younger… and i just need to share them.

Nothing compares to the 90s.

a lovely photo of me in ’99… looking ravishing having a great time with my ginger locks, bushy eyebrows and lilac halter top. oh and



where did the ginge go?

Huw for some reason posing with a collaboration of cds we both got for christmas. eiffel 65, vengaboys, WWF theme music, NOW 44 (!!!!) and dont forget abit of macy gray. not the album. just the ‘try’ single. classic.

1 of 2 photos i know exists of my baby guineas, cookie and sandy ❤

No words needed really. horns and a feather bower at christmas… why not.

Putting the bower to good use. Collaborated with a beautiful pyjama get up. Is that a disco ball i see in the background? Oh yes.

What the hell is this? This is one of about 4 photos of me and my brothers in this exact pose… deary me. Liking the tan though.

I love old photos!!!!



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